Death Race (English

Jason Statham takes the role of Jensen Ames in the remake of the Roger Classman classic "Death Race". Overcrowding in the U.S. penal system has reached a breaking point and prisons have been turned over to monolithic Weyland Corporation, which sees prisoners as an opportunity for a televised sport called "Death Race", the world's biggest and most brutal sporting event. Five-time NASCAR champion Jensen Ames is a man who has become an expert at survival. When Weyland demands a driver to headline the big game, Ames is forced to submit. Donning the costume of mythical rider Frankenstein, the racer becomes an instant crowd favorite. Hidden by a metallic black mask, one convict will be put through a brutal three day challenge, with the trophy being the ultimate prize: freedom. Ames' expertise will now be put to the test. It's either to kill or be killed.

Classification: 18SG Genre: Action / Science FictionGeneral Release Date: 21 Aug 2008Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes, Distributor: United International PicturesCast: Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Tyrese Gibson, Natalie MartinezDirector: Paul W.S. Anderson

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